When walking into a road bike shop, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the choices of bicycles available. For most applications, one will most likely need to narrow the search down to either a road bike, mountain bike, or a commuter bike, but there are even folding bikes and hybrid bikes available at most Singapore road bike shops. To assist a customer in choosing the right bike for their needs, it’s important to know the reason they want to buy a bike. Where they’ll be riding their bike and what they plan to be using it for, can help to determine the right bike for them.

For those that plan long intense rides on pavement, most likely will do best with a road bike. A road bike is a lightweight bike. Because of its light weight, it’s able to go faster with less exertion, allowing the rider to cover long distances more easily. Its sleek design is not made to carry items easily and it’s smooth, thin tires are made to decrease resistance while pedaling. This is a bike made solely for endurance riding.

For those who enjoy off-road riding, on trails, in the woods or on rough terrain, it’s usually suggested to consider a buy customized road bikes in Singapore. A mountain bike is constructed for hard, performance riding. It’s super tough suspension and large, knobby tires are made for steep inclines, rocks and wooded areas. This bike is not constructed for long ride comfort nor is it appropriate for a daily commute. This is a heavy-built bike for recreational or leisure off-road activity.

Some who are interested in purchasing a bicycle from a road bike shop in Singapore may plan to use the bicycle as a daily means of transportation. For these bike riders, a commuter bike may be the answer. A commuter bike is much more comfortable to ride, compared to a road or mountain bike, plus it’s made for durability. This is a bike that is designed for everyday use. Aside from a comfortable ride, it can easily accommodate carrying packages or parcels with a basket or strap.

Before making the decision to buy a road bike from Bike Avenue in Singapore, take the time to determine the right bike for the specific needs of the rider. Additionally, ensure it’s a comfortable bike and the right size for the rider. Bike riding can be enjoyable and good for the body. Just take the time to find the right one.